5 Reasonably Priced Luxury Watches 

May 28, 2018 0 By nutsadmin
5 Reasonably Priced Luxury Watches 

As the name implies, luxury watches can sometimes come in on the diamond side of pricey. But there is no need to look tearfully through the window of Rolex, dreaming of the perfect luxury watch, when there are a surprising number of luxury styled watches that can be picked up for reasonable prices. Here are just 5 of the best reasonably priced luxury watches that I’ve been able to find out there, so that you can have an idea of just how much bang you can get for your buck. 

Orient Symphony

The Symphony is a seriously good-looking watch. A focus on giving it a classic face, with some more modern bells and whistles means that this watch can be a great finish to pretty much any outfit or occasion. The rear panel also let’s you have a peek into the movement, which will satisfy any horological fans out there without going full skeleton faced. 

Swatch Sistem51

The Sistem51 from Swatch really is the next big step in horology. Assembled entirely by robots, the Sistem51 is a cost effective way of producing great quality watches that doesn’t require long hours of careful hand assembly. The Sistem51 range has a very sleek, modern style to go with its construction, so if that is your jam then this could be the watch for you. 

Uniform Wares C35

The Uniform Wares C35 dress watch is unusual for one clear reason – it has no branding on its face. This is an unusual move in the current market of selling watches through brand association, rather than necessarily through the quality of the timepiece, but it’s a welcome change. This minimalist look paired with its Swiss made Ronda movement, makes this watch the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a no-frills approach to timepieces. 

Seiko Alpinist

With the increasing popularity of field watches, more and more watchmakers are releasing their own variants. The Seiko Alpinist is a standout amongst the field watch offerings. Its forest green face and leaf tipped hour hand gives it a very distinct look, which will be sure to get some attention. Seiko have recently discontinued production of this watch, so make sure to get it now before the price inflates. 

Hamilton Intra-Matic

To round off this list we have the Hamilton Intra-Matic. A conscious throwback to some of the older Hamilton designs, this watch comes with the trademark conical face and slightly curved hands. This is probably the most minimalist watch on this list, after the Uniform Wares C35, but it has a sleek elegance that will compliment your outfit for most occasions. 

And there we have it. I’ve given you just a few examples of some luxury styled watches that you can pick up for much less than you’d expect. If you have your sight fixed on a more expensive branded watch, then a good approach is to keep an eye out for any sales or discounts.