How to Pick the Right Watch 

July 26, 2018 0 By nutsadmin
How to Pick the Right Watch 

Choosing the perfect watch can sometimes be a little difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with the world of horology. If you’re hesitating about which watch to buy, then worry no longer, I’m here with a few helpful tips on what you should consider when you’re choosing a timepiece. 


The movement of a watch is the mechanism on the inside, basically what keeps it ticking. There are a few different types of movement, but the most common for watches are automatic, mechanical and quartz movements. 

  • An automatic movement is a hand crafted and uses internal weights to wind itself during use. They can slowly become inaccurate over time, so you’ll occasionally have to take them in for winding. 
  • A mechanical movement is the classic watch movement. Gears and springs keep time, and the watch has to be manually wound regularly to keep it going. If you keep them wound these watches are great time keepers, but their intricate internals mean that they can be a tad expensive. 
  • A quartz movement is the cheapest and most common modern watch movement. These watches use a small battery to power their movement, rather than the springs and gears of mechanical and automatic watches. These watches keep excellent time, but the pulses of the battery result in a jerky motion of the hands, rather than the smooth gliding you’ll see on the other movements. 


There are lots of different distinct styles of watches. These styles are primarily defined by the design principles behind their original use. For example, pilot style watches have bigger hands and markings so they can be read at a glance, and diving watches usually come with timers and are pressure resistant. If you’re going to be wearing your watch as part of a hobby, then it’s best to consider what will be the most readable when you’re using it. Otherwise, have a good look around and choose a style that comes with the features that you either like the look of or will use the most. 


Since you’ll be wearing your watch on your wrist for long periods of time it’s important to consider the size of the watch that you’re buying. A larger watch will be heavier and can be a pain if you spend a lot of your day working with your hands or writing. A smaller watch on the other hand may look out of place if you have large hands. Think a bit about what you’ll be doing with your watch and what you think will suit the size of your hand and arm. Your own personal taste matters too, so be sure to choose the size that you like, rather than sticking to recommended lists! 


The price of a watch is always going to play a big role in what you buy. You’ll need to be realistic and think about both what you can afford and how you will be using the watch. Try not to think of a watch as an investment, this tends be a way of forcing up watch prices and there is never any guarantee that you’ll make a profit when you sell on a luxury watch in the future. 

And there we go, a few pointers that should set you in the right direction when you’re buying a watch. Remember to look around a lot online and read plenty of reviews, you’ll be sure to find your perfect timepiece out there somewhere. Good luck!